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Description of Agent Aliens (from google play)


Jump and shoot your way to freedom as you search for your fellow Aliens and break free from captivity.
It will take teamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this close encounter with humankind.

Slice and dice through your enemies with our brand new alien, the unstoppable Raz! He's fully equipped with high-damage short-ranged attacks that will surely punish anything that gets in your way!


AGENT ALIENS is a new arcade style run and gun game.
Returning fire, aiming, and cooldowns are taken care of by our squad of feisty Aliens.
Players will be focusing on dodging and weaving through enemy fire.


Traverse corridors filled with a variety of enemies and traps while dodging their incoming bullets.

Play as one of the titular Aliens. Or play as all of them as they follow you through the levels.
Each one with unique abilities and playstyles.

Spend Coins to unlock each of the Aliens’ different abilities.
Also watch out for pickups in the levels that’ll make them even stronger.

Expect a campaign that will take you through difficult handcrafted levels
to find out the story of the Aliens’ struggle against the Humans.

Bigger multi-phase bosses that take even more skill to take down will be waiting for you.

Procedurally generated levels are there for quick replayability and to earn more Coins to spend for Upgrades.

- External Storage permission will be requested when attempting to share a screen.

Version history Agent Aliens
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.44
- New free Alien, Nort.- Unity game engine update.- Multiple UI fixes.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.37
Updated: Buzz unlocked for free.Fixed: Powerup list for Aliens not displaying in the Tutorial.Fixed: Upgrade text for Boomer.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.35
Updated New Alien, Boomer.Updated Spice’s Burn Out ability now activates with explosion damage instead of only direct damage.Fixed Scrolling lists and buttons interaction.Fixed Manual Firing with Controller and Seeker powerup interaction.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.34
Updated: New free alien, Spice.Updated: Sector 3-3 difficulty.Fixed: Alarm doors now disappear after a duration.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.33
Updated with a new free Game Mode - Survival.Fixed Sector 2-10 difficulty.Updated new Intro cinematic and Tutorial sequence.Multiple UI fixes.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.29
Updated: New free Alien, Commander Fefe.Updated: Quit and Restart buttons in-game now have confirmation popups.Updated: Gallery for viewing all available cutscenes.Updated: Character Select and Map screens now refresh when purchasing products that unlock content.Fixed: Some Stat Powerups from pods not being given correctly.Multiple UI improvements and fixes.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.24
- Updated with free Alien, Geist.- Fixed an issue with buying the Sectors for 3000 coins and quitting.- Fixed virtual keypad dead zones.- Fixed Restore Purchases mechanics.- Multiple UI fixes.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.11
1.0.11 Free To Play Update.New: Sectors can now be unlocked individually with Coins.New: Continue Tickets, resuming without any further cost.New: Alien Tickets, to try out Aliens.New: Daily Activities to earn more Coins.Login with rewards, Quests with rewards, and Roulette with rewards.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.10
1.0.10Added What’s New popup for patch notes.Added 3 options for keypad sizes.Added effects when 2x Coin boost is active.Added Restart level button on the Pause Menu.Added tutorial popups about Upgrades and CharactersUpdated: Reordered Upgrades list so passives come first.Updated: Max upgrade button color.Updated: Sector 1-8 Saw blades obstacles to be easier.Updated: Boss life bar positioned on the upper right.
New in Agent Aliens 1.0.8
1.0.9Updated: Animated selection popup for control schemes.Updated: Jump icon now shown in-game.Fixed: Going back to Tutorial events after completing a story level.Fixed: Dialog pauses on Story ModeFixed: Keypad positions on different aspect ratios.Fixed: Added limits on Joystick positioning.Multiple UI Fixes.
New in Agent Aliens 0.0.48
- Halloween Updates!- New free Alien, Goblyn.- Survival Mode difficulty increased.- Free Coin Ads now in Survival Mode.- Multiple UI fixes.
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